Accusations (assorted) [repurposed]

by ccrrll

You have ruined my life. You have stolen from me.   You have called me names.  You have hurled large pieces of rubble after me in the street.  You have pulled my hair. You have bitten me and scratched at my face with your long nails. You have smashed the windows of my car.  You have sent abusive mail to my workplace. You have spread vicious and offensive rumors about me. You have posted dog excrement under the door and through the letterbox.  You have tried to burn my house down.  You have injured and aggrieved my family.  You have kicked me in the shins and in the teeth. You have dug up my garden so that it is now just a giant hole.  You have skinned my cats and my dog, skewering their dripping, naked carcasses on long spikes and stitching their pelts together to make a cloak which you wear to parade up and down the street outside my house.

Dogs and cats

Originally published on 23rd January 2012 here