Causes for Concern [repurposed]

by ccrrll

1. We had arranged to meet your administrator at the gallery at 5:30am to begin the installation. She arrived much later, at dawn (somwhere around 7am), covered in foliage and manure.

2. Despite discussing our arrangements coherently on the telephone with your administrator, she seemed unable to understand even our most basic requirements when we spoke to her, mumbling under her breath about not being able to understand English.

3. During our the exhibition, a number of our members tripped or fell due to large pieces of rubble, broken bottles and cardboard boxes which were strewn around the gallery. We have reason to believe that these were placed in the space deliberately and maliciously by your administrator.

4. We noticed your administrator secretively digging in a corner of the gallery. during a period of absence on her part (and these were frequent and unexplained), one of our members investigated this area to find that your administrator had dug a deep narrow hole which was badly concealed with carpet tiles.

5. At one stage during one of the quieter afternoons, one of our members went into the kitchen to make a cup of tea. As you know, the kitchenette is windowless, and our member could not locate the light switch. She reported hearing a rustling noise and the door slam behind her. In the dark, she said, she heard the strike of a match , and saw the illuminated face of your administrator who was crouched on the work surface, clutching the box of teabags to her bosom.

Originally published on 30th July 2012 here