January Blues [repurposed]

by ccrrll

I tried to visit last Saturday, but when I arrived, the door was closed.  This caused me great displeasure as I had travelled from very far in my bare feet to visit the exhibition, which I had been looking forward to for several months.  My journey was long and arduous, as I had traveled from my home all the way to the town where your gallery is, in order that I could view the work on display.  I am very fond of this type of work and I was, naturally, overjoyed when I discovered that there would be an exhibition so close to my home.  Upon arrival however, I discovered that not only the door was closed and locked, but that had I missed the exhibition entirely. I am gravely disappointed that the cessation of the exhibition had not been brought to my attention earlier, because I would not have made the trip had I known that the work would not be available.

I tried to peer through the keyhole, but couldn’t see much of whatever it was that you were exhibiting.  It didn’t look very good, I must say, and the walls looked like they were crumbling in places. I also saw bird excrement upon the walls and the floor, which makes me think that you’re not properly looking after the place which is a great shame I feel.

I must also comment on the great difficulty I had accessing the gallery in the first place.  The hill is extremely steep and very overgrown.  I cut my legs and arms quite badly in my acsent on the brambles and what I can only assume was broken glass.  In addition to the birds that have taken roost in the rafters, I also noted various other wildlife, incliding rats and lizards present within the brickwork. They darted in and out, quite unafraid that I was there, which seemed unusual.

There was also the matter of the dilapidation of the building itself.  If I were an exhibiting artist I would certainly not wish to have my work displayed by a gallery whose roof is partially absent.  I wonder how you find anyone to exhibit at all with the place in its current state.  I’ve tried to telephone several times to discuss this matter with you in person but each time I try to phone the line is dead.

Originally published on 3rd January 2013 here